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Raise Your ProfitIQ®

As bookkeeping business owners, it can feel like our work is never done, especially when it comes to setting up our own business.

Often we get caught up in helping our clients, and our own business falls to the wayside. This can lead to stress, overwhelm, lack of sense of accomplishment. But it can also affect our bottom line (the profit we get to keep for ourselves after paying all our costs).

ProfitIQ® is a business benchmarking tool and guide designed for bookkeeping business owners wanting to build profitable scalable businesses.

Our Members

Savvy members are generally bookkeepers who:

  • have a desire to build a professional, profitable and scalable business and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it!
  • are experts in their field, having at least five years experience in their profession.
  • have already started their business (you should at least have an ABN), most members have been in business at least one year
  • are teachable, open to ideas and interested in learning a new way of 'doing business'

Member Benefits

All members get:

  • relevant content to help them build professional, profitable and scalable businesses
  • access to a variety of templates, masterclasses and programs
  • a selection of courses covering Savvy's 6 Key Areas of Business:
    1. Plan / Niche
    2. Pricing / Profit
    3. Branding / Marketing
    4. Sales / Onboarding
    5. Services / Products
    6. Team / Professional

Different memberships have different inclusions, depending on which area of business you’re focusing on. 

Meet Your Mentor

Savvy is an initiative created by Melbourne-based bookkeeping business owner, mentor and podcaster, Amy Hooke. 

Amy has successfully established two profitable businesses and generously shares her resources, learnings and experience with others wanting to do the same.